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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cycle Rally with Save Indian Family's message

On 15th September 2012, it was a Hartal against diesel price hike in Kerala, we took out a three men rally with three messages "Save Indian Family", "Save Energy" and "Stay Healthy".

Press release:
3 men with 3 messages set out on a cycle rally from Thrissur to Guruvayur via mulankunnathkavu/Medical college. The 3 messages "Save Indian Family", "Save Energy" & "Stay Healthy". Save Indian Family is a movement and network of NGOs fighting against misuse of women-protection laws which are victimising more women than any other law in India(26% women arrested out of the total arrested under section 498a of IPC(Cruelty law, popularly known as dowry law), compared to only 5.5% women arrested on an average of the total arrested on an average under various section of IPC!. 

Laws in the guise of women-protection are actually destructing families in India, families which are basic units of any nation.

Save Energy and Stay healthy are the benefits of cycling if more and more people take up cycling as a way of life, not just for exercising, but for all possible commutes(to work, to shops, for errands, etc) which can save petroleum based fuels or electricity(both forms of energy). Cycling also results in better health, lesser vehicular traffic on the roads, etc.,.

News as reported:

Asianet News channel aired a report on this rally the same day.


Jinesh Zaveri said...


Muhammad Amir said...

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Anonymous said...

Excellent. Nice to see "Save Indian Family" campaign in this form.

Anonymous said...

great commando

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