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Thursday, January 21, 2010

TV Program recording options

Many of us feel the need to record Tv programs which feature our activities and arguments, some of the ways to do it, other than having a conventional Video recoding facility at home are as follows.

There are two video monitoring service providers in mumbai who keeps back-up of popular Tv channels upto 2 weeks or so. There maybe similar services locally to you also, just check up the yellow pages or internet, if not available these mumbai guys can courier the clips to you. The only thing is that its quite expensive(in the range of Rs200 to 250 per clip of half an hour, even if its 1 minute the rate is of half an hour, courier charges will be extra). So you can use this option if there's no other way out locally.

The phone numbers are 1) News Stock Video monitoring services, Mumbai: 9920040986, 9892468552, 022 28677938, 65753191 2) Gold Video monitoring services, Mumbai: 022 24033559, 24025745, 24019755, 9773188556,

Since they keep back-up records of only popular tv channels(popular in mumbai), you have to inform them the program time, channel, etc in advance if you want recordings of non-popular channels, if they know in advance they can tune-in and record any channel I think.

Now a days many channels are uploading content to youtube directly too, so do ask them about this too(for example India Tv programs are uploaded by istreamhindi:, Aajtak:

Also check out they syndicate a lot content, has some zee Tv content online, its not fully updated). Any video which is displayed on your screens can be downloaded by softwares known as 'video grabbers' "video downloaders" , u can search for them in google. I use "replay media catcher" and "Realplayer SP, version 1.0.5" to capture any video displayed on screen.

Also check out this device which is not a Tv tuner card, but kind of a chord which has to be connected from ur Tv to computer and it will record the program in the computer, which can be edited , uploaded, etc.:USB 2.0 To AV Video Audio VHS TV DVD S-video Player Recorder Editor). Another option TV Tuner Cum Digital Vedio Recorder

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