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Friday, January 01, 2010

Govt plans punitive action against filing false FIRs

A moderately welcome news recently(Ms.Ruchika case effect) is the news that any complaint should be converted into an FIR. So at least in theory now the husbands who are threatened of false cases and extortion, etc can lodge FIRs for sure.

But who is going to implement this, and in case of wives/women misusing women-protection laws who is going to check the verity of each complaint(false FIRs attract 10 years of imprisonment, so says the upcoming Cr.PC amendment, read the news in detail below), who decides this?, police?, really?, our inefficient and buck-passing police?.

But yes this is progress, definite progress, from nothing to something, now its our duty too to ensure that the implementation of these useful changes in law.

News in Detail- Govt plans punitive action against filing false FIRs

PTI 29 December 2009, 07:46pm IST. Original report courtesy : TOI

NEW DELHI: Government is contemplating an amendment in the CrPC providing for a maximum of 10 years imprisonment to any individual who registers a false FIR at a police station.

Official sources said the government hopes this would act as a deterrent on those who file false and fabricated FIRs against anyone for vested interests and to score personal points.

The proposed move bears significance in view of the fact that the Government has decided to ask all state governments and Union Territories to treat all complaints as First Information Reports (FIRs).

Sources said the government feels that even if a complaint is false, police have to investigate it after registering the FIR.

"If the complaint is found to be false, police can always drop the FIR and can take punitive action against the complainant," an official said.

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