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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's day: Your online dad!

Your online dad! - Message in a bottle: Part-2

I chanced upon an old chat log today, today being Father's day. This chat log was between myself and my ex-wife. It was one of those chats which I had initiated, even though she had filed a false criminal case of Dowry harassment, cruelty , etc., against me and family, way back in 2003, as usual to enquire about how my daughter is doing. Like it happens usually, she started her tactics of shaming and blaming(as if I had a choice of keeping in touch with my daughter, after they had put up an extremely turbulent onslaught of false cases involving court, police and other criminal  proceedings against us!).

My ex posed as if my daughter is typing some of the messages to me, I really don't know whether it was her or my ex(as a part of her dirty tactics to make me feel bad, guilty of deserting my daughter, etc.,). One of the messages my ex send on chat "got to know an online father.."!.

So who makes these "online fathers", non-custodial, willing and yearning fathers?, who files false complaints and make a mess out of everyone's life?. In my case my ex and her family wanted to perform a 'Shock and awe" style invasion and subdue us quickly, so that they can rule the roost thenceforth, but with our resistance and grit this plan deservedly fell apart, now they are on to some kind of psychological warfare, which is also being dealt with appropriately and reciprocated too when apt!.

But in all this they do not, like many of these legal terrorists, realise that they are causing permanent damage to the psyche of their own children, denying them of yearning fathers, waiting to nurture them to be complete people, by adopting a shared parenting regime suitably.

Dedicated to all those dad's who are braving it out come what may, for their children's and their own sake, for the sane world's sake..... power to you dads, we will not give up without a fight, we shall not give it up at all!...... so shine on me father, that I can be the light for others too!.

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