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Friday, May 08, 2009

Misuse Of Laws concerning Indian families - Part 1

This is a discussion aired in Loksabha TV in their program "Gender Discourse".

Laws intended for protection of women are being rampantly misused and innocent family members are being jailed without investigation and are entangled in vexatious, lingering and wasteful litigation and harassment by police.

Swarup Sarkar- Save Family Foundation, New Delhi
Abhimanyu - Save Family Foundation, New Delhi
Meenakshi Lekhi- Advocate, Supreme Court

Presented by Protect Indian Family Foundation, Mumbai


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lucky - Indore
Name: lucky
Comments: my father in law ( a congress politician, ex minister minority and a lawyer) and my wife (Sanjita- a lawyer) has misused the IPC section 498 A and have filed a false FIR against me and police without even investigating the facts, without even meeting any of my family member has registered the same because my father in law is a congress politician and is an ex minister for minority for the state. My wife, my sister in law and my father in law, all three are lawyers and have misused the law.
I had filed a case for RCR in the family court around a year back and the same is under consideration. The due date of the same is June 26, 2009. Then also my father in law by using his political pressure has managed to register a false case and is torturing me and my family. He wants us to sign some list of documents and is asking for a huge alimony out of court.
I have a recorded phone call where in he has threatened me that he will file a false case u/s 498A and will make me sit in jail with all my family members.
My father in law wants me to leave my family and stay at his place as a “Ghar Jamai” and I had denied to it. He then misguided my wife to leave my place and pressurize me for leaving my parents and stay at there my father in law does not have a male child, he wants me to live with them else live in jail. I got married on December 14, 2007 and since April 05, 2009 my wife is staying with her parents. I have tried to bring her back a lot of times but she is not willing to stay with me and my parents. She wants me to live with her parents and sister.
I am ready to give an interview for this but want my name not to be disposed. I can share the recorded conversation between me and my father in law, wherein he has threatened me for filing up for a false dowry case and has asked 33% of my monthly salary as maintenance.
Posted by 498A_Crusader at 6/22/2009 02:46:00 PM