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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Mumbai Protest on 5th April, Press Meet on 2nd April

Please plan and spare your time for these upcoming events in Mumbai.

The Press conference is going to be on 2nd April(Wednesday), post lunch, at Marathi Pathrakar Sangh(next to Press Club), VT

The Dharna is going to be at 'Fountain'(Horniman Circle), which is infront of High Court, on 5th April(Saturday), Post Lunch.

We are planning to bring in more women to the fore, since thats whats lacking in our movement now, just like what I heard of the Hyderabad Press Meet. The timings will be announced as we get the permissions and confirmations.

The topic for both the events will be "Ineffective, Draconian and Misuse-Prone laws concerning Indian families". Where we want to stress the point that these laws are not in favour of 'Anyone', Any gender who is on the side of 'Justice' and truth(the Ineffective part).

We want to bring the majority to our side, by convincing the truth that these laws are nothing but an evil tool for furthering interests of some lobbies, and never for the aid of Genuine Victims of any type!(the Draconian and Misuse-Prone parts).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Not easy for overseas guys to join in for fears of being harrased and locked up before the case. That point can be raised on their behalf.