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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

498a is eroding country's resources and stopping the nation's progress.

SC called misuse of 498a Legal Terrorism (19/7/2005)


Anonymous said...

I heard that many ladies from India go to Dubai and other rich cities and dance in front of guys and many go to the ones offering the most money to finish off the night.....and the same process starts the next night. All for money???!!! Go and check for yourself. Yes Indian ladies from India showing their stomach and a lot of their body...I think you know what I mean.

And many of the other ladies misuse 498A penal code and other similar one sided laws existing in India to extract as much money as possible from guys in India and guys overseas. This is gradually becoming the Indian ladies' image. Nothing to be proud of.

If some of these lady law makers in India think that they have introduced something great by bringing in the one sided 498A penal code and DV law, then they have to realise that they have done nothing better than these other dancing ladies and the ladies who misuse the law. These laws make it easy for ladies to extract money from guys. The lady law makers have helped them.

All this is ruining the good name of Indian ladies and India in general. India is a very big supplying industry for basically everything on this planet. Now the country has a very big population with AIDS. Many people in India are losing the good teachings that the saints and sages gave to the country. Many Ravanas and Kansh around.

India.....WAKE UP before the bad law makers make these new laws to destroy the country. Here I am only talking about 498A and DV law. So a U Turn and do the duties well. Otherwise many of you will seem to be the modern day Ravanas and Kansh in India. If you are enjoying all this, then continue dancing in overseas clubs and make plenty of money by extracting money from guys after marrying them and then misusing these 498A type penal code laws. And be a supplying industry for sex also. So India gets a new name…..WORLD SUPPLIER.

Message for the good ladies…..I am sorry to put it this way. It is as bad as this and so have done it this way. UK Guy…..not born in India…..yes the same one.

Anonymous said...

Peace - UK bad all this is happening in India. OK problems are there all over the world but something like this you read here to happen in this century is a backward step in Indian politics. People in UK are also stuck in this type of false accusations from Indian ladies and fear to come there as the cases take about 5-6 years to clear and much money can be asked for as you go along to prove your innocence. Kissing scenes are not allowed on Indian screen as that does not happen in India openly.....censor board manages to do the job alright there. But Business corruption, politics corruption and corruption in police station type scenes are allowed to be shown by the censor board and this can mean that these things do happen in India on very regular basis. And the politicians probably think that the movies will change India. And to bring in such one sided Penal codes and DV laws mean more movies are needed to change India!!! Very confusing as India tries to modernise.

Anonymous said...

Same old corruption and the bribes are now even bigger. Poor have no chance the way the politics is organised in India. A new Gandhi will be shot dead by the Indian politics on the same seems as bad as that. A country that invents the one sided penal code 498A to trouble and extract money can do anything.

IPC 498a provides for arrest of the offender(s) as named by the wife in a written complaint submitted to the court or magistrate.

An offence under this section is Cognizable (arrest before investigation), Non-Compoundable (case cannot be dismissed even if complaint is withdrawn) and Non-Bailable.

These provisions allow offenses under this section to be treated on par with offenses such as murder.

This law assumes the accused to be guilty until proven innocent. The statement of the wife is assumed to be candid and truthful in all respects. No evidence needs to be furnished by the wife.

PEOPLE HAVE COMPLAINED FOR AGES AND ARE NOT ABLE TO VISIT INDIA IN FEAR OF BEING STUCK THERE FALSELY FOR 5-6 YEARS. People in India are already in more trouble as are arrested within seconds of a false complain...Peace-UK

Anonymous said...

Peopla are dieing due to the misuse of Indian Penal Code 498A and DV Law and people and lawyers are interested in Gere - Shilpa kiss???!!! The law makers of this law have left a window open for the legal misuse and they need to be taken to the court for so many deaths. How can they sleep like this???!!!

If this does not open, search in google.

Peace - UK