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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nagpur Dharna for Men's Welfare Ministry- by PIF, Mumbai & SIF

Nagpur Dharna was conducted on 27th July, 2008(11AM to 3 PM), at variety Square, Seetabuldi, Nagpur.

Dharna Coverage: Speakers, Venue, Statistics of misuse of law.

Dharna news reported on Tv, interspersed with Statistics, bitter realities, Opinions and some Music for inspiring the next revolution- Gender-Mafia.... Quit India!

This DHARNA was conducted for the demand of formation of "A MEN WELFARE MINISTRY " & to stop misuse of IPC 498(A), Domestic Violence Act (2006) and other misuse-prone women-protection laws(Dowry Prohibition Act, Sexual Harassment at Work place Act, etc ) by suitably amending them and by rectifying the flaws in their execution by the Police and Judiciary.

Dharna Report

  • We distributed around 10,000 pamphlets right at the venue(another 10,000 were distributed in the previous days). Since the venue was a junction of 5 roads(heart of the city) easily around 10,000 people were crossing the venue every hour noticing the banners and even reaching out for the banners from buses, rickshaws, pillions on bikes etc.

    With 8 news papers publishing the news in quarter page size(on an average), and local TV channel airing a detailed report, the reach this first time Dharna at Nagpur attained was phenomenal.

    While distributing pamphlets at the junction we interacted with a lot of passerby’s who seem to readily acknowledge that dowry based laws are misused a lot.

    The only group of pamphlet recipients I had to really brief was a group of 12 year olds, to whom I had to say that they could ask their fathers to know what the pamphlet is about. But they also seemed to know the crux of the matter. Alas I had to leave them at that moment, letting them figure it out for themselves.

    As usual in other parts of India, none of the Newspapers seems to have carried the help-line numbers. This is exactly why it becomes very important to print help-line numbers on each and every placard, banner, etc., in big fonts, so that the readers can make out these numbers from the photographs published(I remember Delhi has made this a regular practice, but it somehow skipped my mind at the planning stage).

    Nagpur team will be following up the event with mailing the memorandum to authorities of State/Central legislature, Police, Judiciary etc. , these post dharna follow-up activities are very important since these will help in sensitising the system very effectively. Main authorities will be met in person both in Nagpur and Mumbai.

    ************** Dharna related news items, Videos, Photos, etc.********

    Nagpur Dharna Video - Please "click favourite", "Rate", "Comment", send link of this clip, etc., to promote this video.
  • Photo Of Nagpur Protest Against Gender Biased 498A/DV Law and demand for Men Well fare Ministry.
  • Memorandum cum Press Release:
  • Covering letter(Summary) and Appeal to Government:
  • 28 July - TOI , Nagpur - Main, meri patni, aur woe!-Nagpur-Cities-The Times of India
  • 29 Jul - TOI, Nagpur - When men have to fight law, and wives
  • 8 scanned News clippings are uploaded here:

Let more of this kind be made possible by SIF activists worldwide, only then we will reach out goals faster – the question is not "Whether” we will reach our goals, its just “When!" , lets make it faster!.


Anonymous said...

The Nagpur team is doing better than average of the rest of the country lately in creating awareness of anti-male laws among males. One can say that they have almost reached levels of the female propaganda machine recently.

They should share their strategy, so that the other cities can also benefit from it, and more male awareness is created.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Well done. Peace - UK

Anonymous said...

Great Show Nagpur team...

The choice of location, the drive, the number of papers that covered it ...great show...

Keep up the good work



Great Job Guys,
Let your start bring an end to matrimonial disharmony. Wish all womenfolk understand the seriousness and realise what lies ahead for all, if they act in a silly way. One small mistake from our young women, U cannot get back happiness ever.

Anonymous said...

Great Job guys,

I and my family members were new victims under 498A and Dowry prohibition act section 3 and 4. I wanna join you guys to fight against these evil laws. it is ridiculous of arresting innocent parents and brothers without doing proper investigation. my wife never lived at my parents house but she filed complaint on me , my parents and my brother and police arrested all of us. we spent 2 weeks in jail without committing any offense.It is very clear 98% of cases were false why cant they modify it. I demand law must be gender neutral and dowry who has taken and who has given both must be punishable. In general people give gifts to groom and bride at the time of marriage that must be acceptable if groom demand or take dowry after it must be punishable and he should be arrested only after proper investigation. don't we have women criminals in India why people thinking only men can do crime. according survey more than 50% women torturing their husbands. cant we call it as a crime.

I urge GOVT and NCW who ever Please change the law and make it gender neutral that means any one(man or women) can file complaint if they harassed and arrests must be made only after proper investigation on both the sides.


Anonymous said...

The gentleman said above, "I urge GOVT and NCW who ever Please change the law and....."



Anonymous said...

They have acted in such a way that we are not able to visit India. A court case is not feared. The harassment and locking up to drain as much money as possible is what is disliked. In short they are saying to the NRIs or PIOs to stay away from India. So that way the lady left in India is told to go to hell with her problems. Wah.

UK Guy

Anonymous said...


CruiserDeep said...

Nagpur startegy is nothing but sheer persistance and hard leg-work, the activists who made the difference there are less than 10, and the fire was started by 1 person.

So this success story should inspire all of us, lets match or surpass each other, lets bring back the happiness in Indian Families!.